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Current at July 2002 Wind Overhang Rock - Blue Mountains Catchment NSW (Bryan Hall)

Hydraulic and Hydrology Modeling

Haestad Methods e-newsletters are online forums run by a private US consultancy, they provide a means for civil engineering professionals to ask questions, raise issues, and receive feedback from colleagues in the field. Engineers can post their own questions as well as answer colleague's questions. The lists cover  


Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS) contain iron sulfides (mainly pyrite) which can generate large amounts of sulfuric acid when exposed to air. New South Wales has about 600,000 hectares of acid sulfate soils along its coastline. These soils formed naturally over the last 10,000 years, and are safe until dug up or drained. Large scale drainage of coastal flood plains for flood mitigation, urban expansion and agriculture has exposed large areas of ASS. Acid leachate, plus the aluminium, iron and the heavy metals which it releases from soils, cause significant environmental and economic problems. ASSAY is a national, quarterly newsletter about current Acid Sulphate Soil issues. It is funded by the Federal Government's Natural Heritage Trust. Further Information is available from the NSW Agriculture Site (search for ASSAY):

NSW Agriculture (Natural Resources / Soils)

CRC for Catchment Hydrology

E-mail Lists

CRC for Catchment Hydrology - Email Lists Page

Enviro Network News

Enviro Network News (ENN) is a quarterly publication produced by the EPA and distributed to all NSW councils, other local government-related organisations and interested parties. It aims to encourage and strengthen the ongoing partnership between councils and the EPA. ENN includes information on EPA programs and policies, recent legislative reforms and upcoming consultation processes. It also includes articles on council programs and initiatives on environment protection issues.

Enviro Network News - (NSW EPA)

NRM Jobs

Job opportunities, notices government tenders and scholarships etc.

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Wetland Link Australia

WetlandLink - an initiative of Wetland Care Australia - is a national network to support communities, groups and individuals involved in wetland management. WetlandLink is funded by the Natural Heritage Trust program. The aim of WetlandLink is to create an interactive network of groups working on wetland projects across Australia. More information is available from the Wetland Care Australia website at:

Wetland Care Australia

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