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Water is Australia's most important renewable natural resource. seeks to compile and reference Internet information about rivers in an easily accessible and comprehensive manner to assist all those seeking to preserve and publicize Australia's Rivers.

Much of the research material contained within was paid for using public funds and is therefore owned by the Australian people. Environment Australia have been instrumental in supplying much of this information for redistribution via

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The National River Health Program was established in 1993. Its mission is to improve the management of Australia's rivers and floodplains for their long-term health and ecological sustainability. The Urban R&D Sub-program consists of research projects focusing on the development of standardised methods for assessing the ecological health of urban streams and estuaries which can be linked with data on water and sediment quality. We have published:

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The Australian River Assessment System (AUSRIVAS) is a nationally standardised approach to biological assessment of stream condition using macroinvertebrates. It was developed under the auspices of the National River Health Program (NRHP). This section of the site provides extensive information on physical and chemical assessment methods and detailed instructions on the measurement of each AUSRIVAS variable.

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The Directory includes links and contact details for Catchment Management Bodies organised on a national and state by state basis.

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Data and publication directories with interfaces to targeted search engines.

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The library contains:

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