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Background on Bryan Hall

Bushwalking in Glenbrook Creek - Lower Blue Mountains - NSW (Bryan Hall)

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Water Quality & Environmental Management

At the time of building Riversinfo Austraila I served as a Director of the Environmental Information Association of Australia (Incorporated) and on River and Water Management Committees. This allowed me to work with a number of stakeholders in developing environmental information systems that deliver definitive environmental reference material.

I have undertaken Other project work for the Centre for Integrated Catchment Management (UWS). The project areas broadly included:

I was previously employed by the CSIRO and worked on problems of pollution and waste management from mines, agriculture and urban and industrial development. The work encompassed:

I co-authored a number of reports, two major reports to which I contributed were concerned with:

I have made contributions to projects in the following areas:

Educational & Academic Background

Institution Qualification Time Period Specialisation
University of N.S.W. Bachelor of Science 1988-1991 Pure Mathematics
Macquarie University Bachelor of Arts 1991-1993 Chemistry
University of Western Sydney Master of Applied Science 1993-1994Environmental Science
University of Western Sydney Doctor of Philosophyfinalised 2004Theoretical Physics
Charles Sturt UniversityDiploma of Education2004-2005Maths & Science methods

Doctoral Thesis - Mathematical Generalisations of Quantum Mechanics

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Master Thesis - Environmental Science - Geographical Information Systems

Using previous work in Group Theory, Coding and Information Theory I established that existing procedures for product quality and performance had not been followed in the production of a GIS program. It was proven that the particular GIS modeling software contained and produced a number of serious mistakes including:

As a result of the shortcomings identified it was recommended that an inquiry be conducted to investigate:

A paper supporting the claims made in the thesis was subjected to independent review by three impartial referees and published in the Australian Journal of Soil and Water Conservation (Volume 1 number 9 February 1996).

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While studying for a B.Sc. in pure mathematics at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) I undertook subjects in statistics, biology and chemistry and commenced a BA degree at Macquarie University. I completed third year level chemistry at Macquarie University and the Post-Graduate Masters Degree in Environmental Science at the University of Western Sydney Hawkesbury (UWSH) at the same time.

Interests and Recreation Activities.

Technical Information

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Fish Animation (courtesy

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