SEEM Simple Estuarine Eutrophication Models

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SEEM (Simple Estuarine Eutrophication Model) User's Manual.

John Parslow, Adam Davidson, John Hunter.
CSIRO Marine Research Hobart, Tasmania


SEEM (Simple Estuarine Eutrophication Model) is a software toolkit which provides the user with a basic capability to model nitrogen cycling and algal biomass in estuaries in response to nitrogen loads. The toolkit is designed to make model implementation, analysis and calibration as simple as possible. SEEM is intended to provide synthesis and interpretation of field data for scientists, and as a decision support tool for environmental managers. A detailed explanation of the principles underlying SEEM, and example applications to three test cases, are given in Parslow et al (1999).

The toolkit consists of two principal modules and some auxiliary tools.

Seem Users Manual

SEEM Figure 1: Exchanges in n-layer hybrid model

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